In the Garden

I got up this morning barely able to walk, my thighs killing me. I wondered what I had done to merit such pain? Then I remembered going to the car wash, and waxing my car in 25 minutes. I was up and down like a monkey on that car, doing lots of crouching, popping up and down. I usually get these muscles exercised when I garden, as I tend to crouch when I weed which really strengthens the thighs. Only I have blown off my garden for a good part of August, like so many other things in my life.

The last week of vacation is NOT the time for me to worry about what I have not done, rather rejoice in the time I have left, and enjoy it no matter what I am doing.

I traveled across the river to show Kip some computer things, and to bring my mom flowers picked from the farmer's fields. Zinnia..lovely bright zinnias.

On the way home I saw a herd of cows laying down in the pond cooling off. I pulled off the road, hopped out to take their photo, but by then the head cow had decided they were cool enough and headed out of the water, with the entire herd following. I got them as the last one was out.

I took some time to sit outside, and did my second round of meditation. The sun was hot, the gardens surrounded me, keeping me hidden from the neighbors- tall grasses on the left, the canna lilies on the right. I felt the strong sun on my bare skin, heard the drone of various insects, experienced the fragrances of the garden, my thoughts buzzing lightly around like honey bees in the lemon balm.

I let my mind wander, being aware of where it landed, and then shifting my thoughts slightly so as not to linger on any one thought too long. Stay in the present, pay attention to the breath.

I probably did about 10 minutes, and a few moments I felt suspended in time, similar to the state I get into when I paint. I sat among the flowers and read my Tolle book, delving deeper and deeper into discovery and change.

After working the rest of the afternoon in the studio, I decided that when Larry got home, a ride w/the top down along the river was in order. A trip to the little town of Tivoli, which was quite busy and crowded with the Bard students back at school.
Dinner and margaritas at Santa Fe, and then home, staring at the stars from the open roof top on the way home.

Larry asked me how I felt, and I answered "splendid". The entire day was splendid, in fact the entire week has been one of beauty and peace in my heart.

If I can only keep this state for a long long time.

Patti O Meditation


annie kelleher said…
aw, this sounds lovely! :)

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