The Second Time Around

Larry and I had a lovely last day of vacation together yesterday.

We slept in till 9:30-our bodies exhausted from the drive and lack of sleep over the past 10 days. I was graced with my period for the fourth time this summer, having it during each and every one of my vacations. Two of them it was on the drive home, which I suppose isn't so bad, save for the fact that I was in the car both times for HOURS miserably sick.

After getting up, I emptied out one of my kitchen cabinets so that we can paint inside it later today, which included 2 shelves of cookbooks. Larry and I have whittled them down to one shelf now, and I have to find new homes for the ones I put aside. Many are outdated paperbacks, and a few are are vintage hardcover cookbooks. I will give Megan the ones she wants, and post the rest here in case there are any you all would want. (I still have another cabinet with some in it too!)

I called Karen and headed over to her pool for an hour. I found myself deliriously happy to be back home again, alone for a bit on the way to visit a cherished friend, (the only time in 10 days I was alone was in the bathroom) driving with the top down in my EOS, the sun warm but not too hot, the Valley lush with vegetation. After an hour of a swim and chat, I headed back to go to my friend Gina's wedding.

Gina, like me, is on her second marriage. We have often laughed about how we survived our first disasters, which netted us both heartache and two children. Years later, we have both remarried, to good men who appreciate us for the amazing individuals we are, and who HOPEFULLY will NEVER hurt us in any way.

As they said their "I do's" Larry and I looked at one another and murmured ours to one another. I have learned over time to truly appreciate what he brings to my life, and let go of the imperfections as I know he has to do the same for me. As long as we live for the majority of our relationship in joy, then it is all good.

I have 10,000 things to do today, including visit my mom, buy a printer, swim, visit a friend, ship some orders and work in the studio. The garden is out of control too...some weeding is needed.

Enjoy the waning days of summer.....these are the best of days.

Patti O Tripper


Anonymous said…
Save me the mint plants, Freeze it up!! I need a proper Mojito soon!!


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