The Bucket List

Last night we watched The Bucket List.

I have it at home, and had been meaning to send it to my mother as she loves both actors in it. I wanted to watch it myself, but due to her illness, I have avoided it, and certainly was NOT going to send it to her.

Last night I was ready - to watch it myself.

As I age, I fear death less, and I am learning that it is more important to be defined by how I live my life than by the suffering I experience.

My 24 year old daughter's cancer was a wake up call for me. Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Live each day to its fullest. Fulfill your dreams. Dream big. Love the one you're with. Decide what is really important-the rest does not matter.

I have already started a bucket list. One of the top things that I could do (I don't have money to do it all YET) was to buy a new fridge and stove (my old ones were falling apart and horrendous), then my convertible. Though I have not gone off to Europe, I managed to drive 3,500 miles this summer reaching from Nova Scotia down to Tennessee, and enjoyed every part of the journey. I am going to write a book. I try and live each and every day with joy and love.

It has required a major shift in thinking at times as I have realized that once upon a time I allowed myself to be defined by all the horrid things that happened to me in my life, rather than the joys.

It is much easier to live in the light than in the darkness.


PS well, all I have is pictures of the kids taken by Larry or myself, so that is what you are getting again, lol.


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