A Few Photos

It has been an awfully long day, and I don't have much energy left. There are lots of issues with the nursing home going on, and though my mother is in bad shape, they over drugged her and put her into a near comatose state. And it goes on from there.

I have spent some time with my brother and his wife, and we shared a few meals together, a few bottles of wine, and some laughter. We made the best of a stressful situation when we could.

My sister is coming with her family tomorrow, and we will hopefully all meet to discuss what is going on. I still have more phone calls to make, but I have run out of time and energy to call people.

I have even run out of spirit to write any more tonight.

On a good note, here is my beautiful miracle family.

Patti O Burnout


annie kelleher said…
what a beautiful family! best to all with your mom's situation... hope she finds peace so that you can, too...

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