Sleepless in Fort Campbell

I had planned on writing this HOURS ago, but when I sat at the computer mid afternoon, in the warm room, I began to nod out. I promptly closed down the computer, and laid down for a while, though I did not sleep.

I have a problem sleeping in strange places, just like I have a problem pooping when I am away from home. My body freaks out and all sorts of havoc can be wrecked. I have gotten much better over time, and the last few vacations I have left my bottle of Ambien and my Magnesium Sleep Aid (also good for keeping the bowels regular) at home. (too much information?!)

Larry and I are sleeping in the downstairs dining room on an inflatable mattress. Each time Larry or I roll over or move, we sort of roll together and the bed bounces. I found that if I sleep really close to him, there is less "roll" to the bed. I like snuggling up to my husband if I am in the mood, but I really like to sleep on "my side" of the bed, especially in the summer. Way too hot!. Though the air conditioner compressor is outside the house, each time the air conditioned fires up, it sounds like a jumbo jet taking off.

Megan lives in E4 housing, which is for the "lower enlisted folks". Many are young and still in the hearty party mode, and I have woken up a few times to the sound of drunken revelry and singing. Many of the people in the apartments have dogs, and I suspect that the MPs have bigger and better things to do then follow up with any noise ordinance, so at any given moment, at least one of the 5 or more are dogs being let out and are barking their heads off.

I thought that we would be awoken by a crying baby, but I have hardly heard little Randall cry. I suspect that I am sleeping as little or as much as Megan, the only difference being that no one is constantly sucking on my breasts, hahaha.

I have two more nights of sleep here and am considering breaking down and taking one of the Ambien I left here from one of my previous visits. I don't need to be nodding out at the computer, or while I am driving in the car. Though I will miss my family here, I am looking forward to hitting that Marriott in Charleston on the way home. That king sized bed felt awfully good last Friday night!

Last photo--I promise of family. I don't have any landscape photos from here as I have not been too inspired by the somewhere depressing landscape of a military base.

Patti O Insomniac


MB Shaw said…
Love your family photos!! Such beautiful people....the children are just perfect.....exactly like my grandkids, tee,hee......aren't we lucky!?!?!?
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