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If you asked me what Buddhism is, I could not tell you much other than that I have a stone Buddha in my garden, and a few other buddhas and Indian goddesses in my house. My husband does yoga every morning, and I have gone back to yoga after a many year hiatus. This time I have gone back with a spiritual motive as well as a physical one and I am becoming addicted to this spiritual/observational/physical exercise.

What has changed my life - and helped me cope with its intensities, is the core Buddhist concept of "Being Here and Now". As quoted by BUZZLE.COM "it is about leaving behind the reality created by the mind, and realizing the world as it is", a concept reiterated by Eckart Tolle.

The past few days I have been diligently practicing being present- in the scenic romantic country drives I take about the county, lunch or dinner with a friend whom I love, working in my studio, working in the garden, going to market to purchase the day's goods, or a visit to my mother to share my adventures.

I have realized the fruitlessness of worrying about what will happen a week from now, or a moment from now, and the uselessness of dredging up the past. And only 50 years to learn this lesson --- but better late than never.

Writing from a very Zen state,

Patti OOO


Aaron Hoopes said…
true yoga is a spiritual journey...may you have many blessings along yours.

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