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(note: written 2 days ago…just uploading now!)

We found a sweet public beach after breakfast yesterday, Rock Harbor, not far from Orleans. Parking is free, you don’t have to buy a beach pass, and there are plenty of charters available there if you like to go out fishing.

The harbor beach is small, the water calm, and it has a jetty along side of it with large flat rocks where I sat and made a few sketches in watercolor. It was warm, peaceful, and surreal, with the trees poking up in the middle of the water. Some are permanently bent over, perhaps from a constant wind, or strong storms. During low tide, the same trees sit upon sand flats.

Later on Carol and I walked a few miles along Nauset Beach, and my body is reminding me today how much more work it is to walk on the beach than on the smooth pavement of my neighborhood streets.

Today is the Pan-American bike race, so we are hanging back a bit before we venture into Wellfleet or Provincetown. I hope to catch a few hours at the beach again, just reading or sunning. I know that much work awaits me when I get home, from painting to landscaping, to studio work. In a month I have a show and I feel behind already, and I will lose 10 days when in Kentucky. I am going to have to work hard and play less when I return tomorrow. The summer is now more than half over for me, and as September nears, I feel that the days speed up!

The other photo is taken from a park off the Bourne Bridge. I wanted to put the top down for the last quarter of our journey, and I shot this fabulous view of a guy working on what I believe to be a weather station. What a view!

Patti O Sand


Judy Vars said…
Patti O Sand,
Ah have fun now work later.

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