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When I was in the monastery, only ONCE did we talk politics. It was too aggravating, and seemed like too sordid and soiled a subject to bring up on this retreat.

But when I got home and read my emails, and caught up on the debate and other issues that had gone on in the past few days, I found myself breathing and trying not to be angry and frustrated. Thoughts ruminated through my mind such as how stupid, undereducated, ignorant and brainwashed by religion (to the point where they can't think for themselves)Americans are.

But I then feel badly thinking such thoughts. I become the very thing that abhors me. Prejudice, pride, labeling. Negativity doesn't help nor serve any purpose here. Besides, what would Tolle say?

HOWEVER, I did get a few emails of note which I will pass onto my readers, if you haven't already received them.

Apparently the email that ran rampant about making a donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin's name was a huge success that grossed about 800,000 thus far. I don't know if she got the cards thanking her, but I am sure she is aware of the email and its results. Click on this sentence for the link to the article. Yay for Planned Parenthood. I hope most of it goes back into the community.

Also linked here is the article about the PBS NOW poll. I discovered very early on in the poll that it was totally NON Scientific, as I was able to vote numerous times. If I was able to do this, how many others did the same thing, on either side? Read this article for more info by the Huffington Post
The reality is, don't listen to the polls folks. They can be used as propaganda and skewed in many ways. Don't let numbers discourage you, and vote with your heart, from whatever side you are on.

Talk to people, talk to young people especially, to register to vote. In school I am putting up charts that compare the major issues between the two candidates.

Patti O Reporter

ARTWORK. I will tell the story of this work on my Catskillpaper blog, but I think it may have to wait until tomorrow. I am very tired.


annie kelleher said…
ooh i cant wait to read it! it's so pretty! yeah, just breathe!! :)

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