In Trying to be Fair....

After watching Obama's speech, and that of a few others in the Democratic party, I decided to watch the Republicans also. Fair is fair, and there are two sides to every story.

I have limited access to TV as I have gone back to work, have worked several 14 hour days in a row and get up at 6 AM. The only two speakers I was able to hear were Giuliani and Lieberman.

I had hoped that I would hear some intelligence, some substance to their speeches, SOMETHING to convince me to see their side too, and inspire me. Instead I heard a lot of bashing and raa-raa good ole boy talk. The economy, global warming, poverty, the war...where was that?

I turned the TV off in disgust, even more firmly entrenched in my beliefs that they are puppets, stupid, or worse, entering senility much like McCain.

What is wrong with America?

I am scared. McCain has had four malignant melanoma's removed from his face. Though his prognosis is good, the fact remains that often melanoma goes to the brain, and often it kills. His father and grandfather were dead from heart disease in their 60-70's. I wish him no ill, but the reality of him not being able to last his term is alarmingly high....

Which brings me to my next rant...his choice of a running mate. He met her once or twice before he picked her. She has admitted to being out of touch with some of the important issues such as THE WAR IN IRAQ. I don't care that she has five children, with a grandchild on the way. She's had nanny's to cover that. After all, who am I to judge a woman who can't parent her children? I too had ambition which separated me from my children, which was to GET A COLLEGE DEGREE SO I COULD GET A JOB AND GET OUT OF THE POVERTY I WAS IN.

I am appalled at her belief in teaching abstinence--yeah Ms. Palin, your daughter is living proof that it works. Creationism in the schools? No choice? What environment?


For more detailed info about Ms. Palin, some from the people of the town she was a mayor of, visit the blog THE CRANKY CRONE. You can click on this hyperlink or the link on the left hand side of my blog. Ms. Annie has done a very good job enlightening and entertaining her readers about Ms. Palin. Oh, and don't be scared by the CONTENT WARNING. It just has a few F-bombs here and there perhaps, and I am a bit confused why it has a warning to start with.

If Sarah Palin makes it to someday be president over Hillary, then this country is PATHETIC and like a teenager commented, "perhaps this country has to fall on its face, and have it ground into the dirt before change will happen in the form of a revolution." I am afraid of the damage that may be done should the Republicans rule for another four years in this country.


Patti O Politics

PS the photo is a sculpture on the steps of Clermont estate, the home the Livingston family.....


annie kelleher said…
wow... thanks for the link and the mention! the cranky crone has a content warning because i wanted to be able to LET IT ALL HANG OUT.. no matter what that might be!

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