Set Up!

I am set up for the show tomorrow, but not without a few bits of stress and working from 8 am till 10 pm. Day two of no dinner may help a bit with the ole tummy flab.

This is the first time I have shown mostly fine art. A majority of the shows I have done were more craft than fine art. This time I bought mostly art and just one rack of cards.

Still no lesson plans, but today was spent just meeting the kids and talking to them about my class rules, grading etc. For the most part they were low key and very respectful, but then again I give it so I get it.

I will leave you with a few quintessential photos of the Hudson at Clermont on Monday.

Patti O Art


annie kelleher said…
so, so pretty! how do you feel about yogurt? its the stuff i rely on to fuel me when i have no time for anything other than coffee :).
Judy Vars said…
Good luck with your show, I'd love to see some of your finer artwork take some pictures.

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