Laborless Day

I stuffed as much into this day as I could, thanking the 19Th century laborers before me who made this a holiday. It is a celebration of the tenacity and dedication of the work force that has built this country - from OUR own sweat, not from O.P.'s sweat or money, many of which seem to be running this country. (OP=other people's).

The irony of it is tomorrow I go back to my "real job", the one that pays the bills as I am not willing to live hand to mouth trying to sell art in this economy.

Anyway.......snippets from the day.

A visit to mom and look at old photos of her as a young woman.

A lovely visit and swim with Karen and friends.

A glass of wine at the neighbor's party and woodchuck commiseration rant.

A picnic along the shore of the Hudson River at Clermont

A expressionist watercolor as the sun was setting and almost blinding me.

I will go to bed soon so that I can wake up two hours earlier than normal.
When I rise at six AM I will greet the sunrise with meditation and stretching while I sip on my coffee,(OK so I am easing into this, remember?) and breathe as I prepare to meet the day with meetings and work. I know I will dash home as soon as I can and jump in some body of water, trying to recoup every lick of summer till the very end.

Patti O Desperation


annie kelleher said…
i hope your days go well!! it sounds as if you packed relaxing and fun into one day as humanly possible!
I was thinking of the whole crew all day today. Hard to believe I am not there suffering with you all. I hope you have a great school year. Please give my hello's to all. It's a strange feeling I have today.

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