Let's Be Real

The other night I was getting ready for bed. I turned on the TV to watch the weather, and then over to CNN to see what was up in the news.

Instead I got some Hollywood garbage stuff, like the programs that are on the TV in the gym. I was a bit bothered by it, as I had held CNN to higher standards than that. Is this what America is becoming I thought? With all that is going on in the world, we have to see how dysfunctional the lives of American Icons are, or how much money them make and how many houses they own? What DO we value in this culture?

What disturbed me most was a program on Fabulous Women Over 40. At first I thought YAY..way cool. I love that 50 is the new 35, and that people are valuing the wisdom and beauty of being over 40.

But what I saw was a parade of women whose "over 40 beauty" was artificially enhanced by plastic surgeons. WAIT I SCREAMED, these are NOT true depictions of fabulous women over 40. Mary Tyler Moore, Suzanne Sommers (who claims all she has had is fillers/botox) and more. The one actress who did NOT look fake was Holly Hunter as I saw her crows feet around her eyes, and was quoted in 2007 to say she was going to age naturally.

Ok, having plastic surgery does not negate the fabulous energy of some of these women, or their accomplishments, but what it does is set a standard that the average person cannot or will not meet if they can't afford or choose not to have cosmetic surgery!

Lets have some REAL women on this show. Women who are beautiful just the way they are, and who are comfortable in their own skin as it ages naturally.

Yesterday I went to yoga, totally naked. My face I mean. I combed my hair, washed my face, wearing nothing on it other than my all natural rich moisturizer. I looked in the mirror sans makeup and smiled, and walked out the door loving myself in all of its 50 years of lines and blotches. I earned those lines, and each one has an amazing story tucked away in them.

Patti O Natural


themissus said…
I am not being biased when I say you have aged quite gracefully...and I think Holly Hunter is still sexy as hell! I watch her new series Saving Grace...she is awesome. I digress... I too am disappointed when I see the rich and famous bragging how great they look bc their plastic surgeons did a "faaaabulous" job. The women in our family are sexy at every age, I think it's our strength...
Anonymous said…
Hear Hear! You said it, girlfriend.
What gets me is Oprah...all her emphasis on higher awareness etc, and then she has these dumb fashion/movie star/makeover/get lots of free stuff shows. What's with that?
annie kelleher said…
some day The Cranky Crone is going to have to write a blog about that godawful movie, something's got to give. i thought it was SUCH an insult to women "of a certain age" i didn't understand why someone didnt call for a boycott. imagine reacting the way the idiot main character did upon being caught naked by a guest in her own home. i dont look im 25 any more cause i'm not 25 and i refuse to spend the time or energy, not to say expense, trying to appear as if i were even on the nodding side of 35. i say anyone who doesnt like the way i look - naked or otherwise - can shut their eyes.
Judy Vars said…
what about women trying to have the very same body they had when they were 19 or 25 (me) and then loathing themselves for not reaching some artificial/impossible standard.
Anonymous said…
You really hit a nerve here! I feel the same as Judy, myself. Of course, you look fabulous!

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