It's Just Not Flowing

I feel stilted, stunted, unable to write.
Perhaps I am just in a temporary hole, where words elude me and I am vacant.
It might be the fall out from the mini earthquakes in my life that leaves me in a bit of a fog. Or maybe it's the red wine.

Good news...Megan's tumor is benign. She still has to have part of or all of her cervix removed and when I think of if I cringe. I will probably go down there to help her with the baby and Alanna. I have plenty of sick time, and enough money to buy a ticket back to Nashville....

I should get frequent flier miles for this trip which is becoming all too familiar. It is a place where I feel like "A Stranger in a Strange Land". (I read that Heinlein book in high school....I wonder how it reads now.) Take a liberal too-young-to-be-a-true-hippie from New York and plunk her ass in the middle of a military base, wearing her Obama tee-shirt and jeans, replete with cowboy boots which fit-in-so-well there.

Next visit I am going to get daring and photograph the place, replete with women and babies, and uniformed men. Oh and lots of police. And dogs who bark incessantly in their backyards. The life of a dog on a military base....

Patti O

PS. Photos..two done on my drive to work over an old bridge that I traverse every day, twice a day, and an enhanced photo from show how many friggin bugs were in the air.


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