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I have just finished a very long week, my first week back to work. I finally got my first pay check, and must head out to the bank early to deposit it, then run to the bank that has my mortgage so that I can pay it before the 15th. This time of the year is the most difficult financially for me, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed in the 40.00 raise in pay that I saw in my pay check. I get paid bi-weekly, so that means 20.00 a week.

Of course, to be fair, an extra 100.00 +/- a check is being taken out additional so that I can get an extra check at the end of the school year, so in actuality I did get a 70.00 a week raise. But I don't think it even covers the extra money I have to pay in gas to commute, and in the increase in fuel oil/electric, and the rising cost of living due to the rising cost of fuel.

One of the misnomers circulating about Obama is the fact that he wants to raise capital gains taxes from "15-28%". When doing some research, I discovered that he wants to raise it from 15-20% (8% difference here) and only for those with incomes over 250,000.00! HELLO - if you make that much money, you can damn well afford to pay the extra 5%! SO WTF...well of course, you know who is complaining, it is the wealthy, as their little fists are so tightly clenched around their American dollars.

Here are some interesting figures for you......the cost of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan-------the chart is a bit crammed up on this blog, but the first figure is the cost in Iraq,then Afghanistan, and then a total for both if you don't want to bother to add.

Iraq Afghanistan Total
Per Month $10.3 billion $2 billion $12.3 billion
Per Week $2.4 billion $469 million $2.9 billion
Per Day $343 million $67 million $410 million
Per Hour $14 million $2.8 million $17 million
Per Minute $238,425 $46,296 $284,722
Per Second $3,973 $771 $4,745

I found another site that states it costs $4,681 per household.
Fine if you make 250,000...but there is the ethics. There are lots of sites out there which tell you what this money could buy in regards to health care, rebuilding, finding alternative energy etc. and if you are interested, do a bit of poking around.

So folks, start doing some research if you are concerned about your financial future....or your children and their children's financial freedom! AND VOTE.

And in the daily closing words of blogger Annie Kelleher whose two blogs have links on the top of this page...(The Cranky Crone and Witches, writer, words ) "furthermore, the war must end. Blessed be".

Patti O Protester


annie kelleher said…
it's disgusting, isn't it? makes me gag to think of it. why don't we just send them the money? i hate to succumb to fear, but things are feeling very grim. my sense is that they are about to get worse before they get better...

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