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I am writing this review for all you car nuts out there who do the homework that I did before I bought my 08 VW Eos. Perhaps your Google search will bring up my blog and give you just one more source of info before you make that big commitment on that new car. And, it is a great time to get an '08 off the lot price wise, with plenty of time to still drive with the top down.

After nearly four months of owning my car, I think I have discovered most if its joys and issues. Winter is not upon us yet, and I will get to rate it in the snow, but since it is basically a reshaped Jetta or Passat, I expect it to handle similarly. Remember, I did own a Dasher, two Jetta's and a Bug back in the day, and drove in many snowstorms here in the great Northeast.

What prompted this review, was after a heavy dew the other day, I wanted to put my top down and drive to work. But since the car was very wet and I could not put the top down without wiping it all down, (who wants to fold a wet roof into the trunk?) I settled for the sunroof. Now one of my favorite things about this car besides the top going down like a transformer, is the huge sunroof it has. If you open the sunscreen to the sunroof inside the car, it opens a world of light, which is necessary for me to survive the long winter months here in the Catskills.

HOWEVER, upon opening it when the car is wet, I get drenched w/a downpour of water. Hmm...I did not remember my Honda doing it when I opened its sunroof after rain. I went to open the window a bit and get some air, and the same thing happened, deluged with water. When I open the trunk after it rains or after a heavy dew, water also drips down into the trunk. So folks, the design leaves some to be desired in this department. However, a small price to pay for the luxury of a hard top that folds down with the push of a lever.

The car is a 2 liter with a turbo. Lots of power, but sometimes it is finicky. Give it too much gas when you take off from a stop, and you leave rubber and squeal like a banshee. If you don't give it enough gas, there is a moment where it dogs/lugs before the turbo kicks in, especially when you need to accelerate. Sort of minor issues, just something that I have become aware of and have to work with.

I am thrilled with the handling, the operation of the convertible top. The seats are comfy, the stereo rocks. I love its classic look, the look of the front of the car. It is a bit windy if you are in the back seat, and it can be a bit of a pain to get in and out of the back seat when the roof is up---a cinch when the roof is down however.

The wind screens in the back and over the windshield really cut down on the wind, and on a windy or cold day, you can ride with the top down, and windows up, and not feel a thing and still enjoy the freedom of a convertible.

I have a hard time getting the mirrors and seat coordinated so that I have excellent driving and parking vision, so I have to ask Larry not to mess with them and the seat too much...a memory setting on this might be handy.

I have noticed that there are a few blind spots on this car. With the rear being high and the back seat headrests (which pop up and from posts in the event of the car tipping at a sharp angle threatening rollover) you may not see low objects/cars behind you, and there is also a blind spot on the right rear where I really have to check to see if there are any cars in my lane.

Even though the trunk is small, I manage to put a lot of things in it under the protective compartment. If I need more room, there are the back seats, and if the wind screen is up, it hides whatever you have shoved in there.

So far I have had no problems. The car goes in for its 5,000 mile oil change soon. There is a tiny light bulb out on the center trunk panel where there is an extra brake light, so that will have to be replaced..under warranty I hope.

With the weather having been so delightful in the past few weeks, I have been spending much time with the top down all day, only putting it up to keep the dew off the interior of the car at night.

This car makes driving fun, especially when you have to go places you really don't feel like going---like to work, chores, etc. It makes it a fun trip, I rock on with the stereo, and love the wind in my hair.

Oh, I have discovered why baseball caps are a convertible driving necessity. I put my pony tail thru the hole in the back, it keeps my hair under control, and cuts the glare from the sun if it is overhead when you have the top down. I have a nice collection of four hats, with the black suede cap waiting for my fall rides.

Off to the shower, then to ride to visit my mom in Rhinecliff. There is nothing more fabulous then to go over the Hudson River with the top down.

patti o driver


annie kelleher said…
i have one of hte new bugs that a friend of mine left me when she died. i love driving it... it feels like she's still with me... hanging out in the other seat...

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