The Muse is on Vacation

Poor sleep. Long day at school. Therapy. The joy of the day was putting the top down, turning on the heated seats just a little bit, and driving from Woodstock into Kingston, near the ZONE, and meeting Annie at our fave Asian restaurant.

Over some Thai food we lamented how the economy has made it difficult to be an artist. Lately we have invested hard work and money into our art, with minimal financial return. With galleries closing left and right, and people spending less money on art and more on fuel, we both agreed that it is OK that we don't feel the urge or need to make art right now, that we renew ourselves by other things.

I have a lot of things pulling me in many directions, and I need to get a grip on some of them before they are out of control. I have a job that pays the bills, and I have to go to that, then navigate all the other complex areas of my life. There isn't a lot of energy or desire these days to go into the studio to make art, and that is OK.

I actually took some time today to read a Vogue magazine. I love looking at the creativity and the lines of Haute Couture, and filing the images away in my brain - the colors, the lines, the fabrics. Maybe I will even take the time to find some fun affordable knock off items for the fall wardrobe. After all, I still like to play dress up once in a while.

Shoot===I might even finish the second half of Everything is Illuminated. I think I started that three weeks ago.

Patti O Cracked

PS. Notice there is no image! I am on strike!


Hola my dear!! I know September is always hard to do anything beyond focusing on school. That's that. I begin my new job on Monday! Yikes!
annie kelleher said…
aw, everyone needs a break once in aw hile... even the muse... maybe while you're slogging through your life, she's on a carribbean island sipping mai tais.... :)

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