Getting Ready

I am going on a journey into the unknown. There is some anxiety attached to this adventure. I am excited and scared at the same time. I don't know what it is I am scared of...perhaps because it IS the unknown and I KNOW it is going to change my life.

However, don't fear, I will not run off and become a Buddhist Nun. I just don't have the discipline.

I am having my last glass of wine, and am saying goodbye to my computer and amenities that I have come to take for granted. I will go sans contacts, sans earrings and makeup. Moisturizer is the only must have for this venture. I am bringing baggy fuzzy clothes with cozy tops. No sexiness, no glamour. I leave the ego behind.

I am giving Larry the EOS and taking the CRV. No sense on taking two cars if I can fit both Karen's and my stuff in my other car. I told him that he will think of me every time he drives it, and he says "yeah, I will be worried about even farting in it. "

I stop a moment and take a good hard look at myself and see how spoiled I am. I am lucky, and I quickly give thanks for what I have.

But man, I am gonna miss the coffee and the lipstick. And blogging. That will be the worst withdrawal. Till Sunday

Patti O Break


it will be a withdrawal for all of us too!! Have fun and bring me home a "Your Dogma hit my Karma" bumper sticker....


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