A few cards

Save for the hour and a half that I chatted with Gina, then got a massage, I have been working solid.

School, was NUTS (full moon last night) and mid afternoon until 8 pm I worked designing for my honored and loyal customer.

I am not getting the hang of getting up at 6, then working till 3 or so, and then coming home to work even more. I do take breaks, but I am whiny, tired, and so ready to go to bed. Therefore, not much of a blog.

But the cards speak for themselves, and one of them is for a man who runs a large film studio in Europe. My cards go all over the world and to some very interesting people. Wish I could put a chip on them and track where they go, sort of like "Where's George?".

Off to start designing the postcard for the trunk show now.

I am getting cramps and feel like biting someone.

Patti O Pestilence


annie kelleher said…
WOW... you are so talented!!! they are beautiful! yeah, too bad you can't keep track of your "children" - i bet they could tell some interesting stories :). glad to hear you're making time for things like massages :).
So I was thinking last night that Megs had her kids kinda in the same ordr as you, with a girl frist and then a boy - is that usual?


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