Bush in a Skirt

Yesterday started out horridly.

While rushing around and brushing my teeth before my dash out the door, I knocked over a ceramic glass from a bathroom set that Megan had bought for me and it smashed all over the floor. A string of very bad expletives spewed from my mouth, and I am sure at least one set of neighbors heard it. I picked up the big pieces, threw them in the trash with frustration, and headed out the door pissed, not even kissing Larry goodbye.

Of course those are the times that as you run out the door you notice that the house looks like a mess, with the hair balls from the cats flying away from you as you rush around like a dirt devil. So as I am running out the door and not kissing my husband, I am yelling about our having to clean the house TOGETHER this weekend before the board of health condemns us.

On the drive to work I realize I forgot the fruit for the fruit salad I was going to make for my students, so I stop at the local store to buy bagels and cream cheese. As I get back into my car I drop my keys and they go skittering under the car out of reach. In the middle of a busy street, I am on my hands and knees in a dress crawling partly under the car to retrieve them.

By now my hair is standing on end, my eyes are wild, and I am ready to crawl back into bed.

I get to work and they are digging up the road that I have to cross to get into my school and I sink into four inches of broken up blacktop, stone, and soft dirt. My feet are now dirty and I am cursing the incompetance of a construction company that has had this road dug up for a good three months now and I have decided that I am parking where I am not supposed to...in front of the school where I can walk safely and not break another ankle.

One of the bosses makes an announcement that we have to be in our rooms because they are letting kids in early because of the construction. I mutter F-THAT, and stay in the faculty room with other staff till our union designated time to bring the students into our rooms. HUMPH I say.

When the kids DO come in I tell them that I am a cranky bitch and to leave me alone till I get my second cup of coffee. The girls laugh, cut me some slack, and after the coffee is made we have our weekly friday breakfast and we proceed to talk about their own life which had a rough start to its day too, with issues far bigger than mine.

As the day wore on, I let the negativity go, and enjoyed the relationships I have with my students and friends.

After work, well you can guess. A ride with the top down, margaritas at the Armadillo, a visit to a dear friend's house where we sit and chat while the sun drops in the late summer sky and the air cools and I put on a sweater.

I come home late. Larry had dinner alone, and cleaned the house while I was letting go of the dreck of the week. When I went upstairs there were flowers on my pillow.

I smiled and thought babycakes, this is as good as it gets, and I kissed Larry and the rest...I will keep secret, lol. I just hope the neighbors don't go for late night walks or have all their windows open like I do...

The title and the photo is from the huge protest in Anchorage Alaska yesterday, in fact I think I read it is the largest political rally ever in Alaska. 1,500 women (mostly women)gathered to protest Palin. Of course I chose this photo....double entendres are my thing if you haven't already guessed it by now. I don't have the name of the photographer, otherwise I would give credit to her, and if you are interested in the photos/editorial, email me.

Also, of another note, and anti-gay/pro-straight seminar was recently given in the same church that Palin attends.

Need I say more?

Patti 0 Crabcake


annie kelleher said…
sometimes you crack me up!! so glad your day improved.. it started off sucky fer shure!!! hope the weekend is wonderful as that pic is! :)
themissus said…
now I know what to get you for your birthday...maybe I can outdo myself this time :)

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