Ad NON Sense

I am dumping Ad Sense. I am a tolerant person, but over the past year I have found a few ads that were like a visit from a door to door salesman. You can't wait for them to go away. Besides, at the rate I am going, it will be four years before I MIGHT, and I say MIGHT get my 100.00 check.

I have dealt with ads for older men looking for love, for funeral homes, religious ads for the path to Jesus, and so forth, but todays ad for the book from the Christian right exposing the dangers behind Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth, did it. I just went back there to double check it, and give you some quotes from the ad site, but instead another ad on GERD popped up.

I will leave ad sense on my art blog as I rarely get too personal on that. Todays oil paint ad there seemed innocuous enough. I will forfeit my 23.00 on my personal blog for sanity.

I am not surprised that Christians are up in arms about this book, because Tolle warns us of doctrines that promote superiority over others. He also teaches "self salvation" which is of course a threat to any religious organization that dictates their way is THE way.

I was raised to believe that the Catholic church was the ONLY church, and people of any other religion could not enter the pearly gates. It worried me that my best friend who was of another Christian persuasion might be left out of heaven. Ironically, she recently preached that if I don't follow Jesus, I am damed and won't see the pearly gates either. I used to call myself a Christian because I thought Christians helped one another, loved all living creatures, did not discriminate due to religion, color, or sexual preference. But in my 50 years of life experience, I have learned that only SOME Christians practice the word of Jesus, and others have bent the bible to suit their own agenda

Hogwash to all of it.

Instead I am posting blog links that I enjoy and read on a daily basis from artists and writers I admire-- Judy Vars in Alaska, who writes some pretty forthright musings and posts great photos of art and the Alaskan wilderness, Annie Kellerher from Connecticut who is a writer and a witch, and my latest super blog heroine, Stephanie Tara Klein, one of NYC top bloggers, who tells it all in a way I wish I had the guts and freedom to. Plus, she is a sister redhead. (thanks Judy for the heads up on that one!)

I wish I could be free here...I really have to censor my writing as a teacher.
So, you will have to wait 10 years to hear the real juicy stories and musings!

Patti O Jester



Phillip said…
There is an augment for free speech here. Say if you were to ban all such adds what would be the next thing that is banned.
Of course your blog is a mirror of your concousness, much like your home and you always have the option to change the channel or even toss the tv out the window.


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