Finding Peace

I worked all day, but in between trains of thought I derailed a few times while talking to the nursing home and to my family.

I am getting better at being serene and clear headed in dealing with delicate issues such as proxies, family, and life and death, but I am only human, and a mini melt down in the office of a friend was in order.

After I left, I went for a very long swim, (ok, long for me) for a half hour in a lake with Karen. The fabulous Gabrielle was there, who is every bit as delightful as her name sounds. More on her at a later date. (geez, I do have a lot of stories that I have promised, don't I?)

I came home, created for a bit in the studio, and made dinner. Larry and I decided to take the wine and eggplant rollatini outside and eat in the glorious golden light of the evening.

A storm came through, right after I took the photos for tonight's blog. We ran inside, laughing and running, protecting only the wine and the camera. Who wants watered down wine, and the camera, it enables me to make a visual diary of my life!

Larry says that I have looked at Hudson River artists for so long that I have the landscape style etched in my mind, and that I have more sky pictures than anyone he knows. Someday I will paint them all.

So here's to you Mr. Cole and Mr. Church.

Patti O Sky


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