Recycled vs. Brand name

I am getting ready to pack the car and such for my trip.

Just a quick muse.

I have been buying post consumer waste/recycled paper towels because Larry is a paper towel nut, though he does reuse them till they fall apart.

He hates the recycled ones as he cannot recycle them much -they turn into a stiff crumbly mess after 1-2 uses.

Now Bounty and this other brand whose name eludes me, last for many hand wipings, as well as wiping down the stove/fridge etc. afterwards.

Is this one instance where being greener is not helping?

Just a thought for the day.

Patti O Wipes


Anonymous said…
i have sets of cleaning/wiping cloths that i throw in the laundry. I sometimes wonder is laundry more or less efficient than throwing paper away. I throw them in whatever load I am doing. Enjoy your trip!!! KiSS
Yeah it's time - Larry should switch to clothes, then he can even wash them in the sink and dry them on a rack or the handle for the oven n stuff

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