Sleepless in Kingston

I am off soon to go make some toast before yoga. At least in yoga I will find peace, and force my mind to be empty, and get some exercise. I have been lazy the past two days of extreme heat.

I did not sleep well last night; I drank red wine which clogged me up, my mind kept running with the remains of the emotions from the late night phone call I got from the nursing home about my mother. She has not been well, is refusing testing that needs to be done. She fell twice and complained of pain, so at 1 am they were taking her to the hospital. I have not heard as to whether she has been admitted, and I will deal with that after I get back. I may have slept all of four hours total, and my track record for this week has not been that great to start with.

I did spend the afternoon yesterday in my studio, and just picked up the paintbrush, got out a few paints, and finished a piece of work in an afternoon. It is a mixed media piece, called I'll be Watching You. I have a few things to do to finish it up, but it is complete in thought and images.

I also collaged a switch plate cover for my kitchen. I went online and looked for some on Etsy, but did not find any the suited my decor, so I made one using antique images from old seed catalogs. I will photo it later, but it is very very fun. I won't be making many of those as it took me a good hour and a half to make one, but for my own house it was well worth it. I also made a housewarming gift for a friend.

My friend Julie came over for the evening and stayed, thus the red wine and other sins. I lived with her twice, that story for another blog.

So off to make toast, tomorrow more images and stories.

Patti O Painter


annie kelleher said…
im so sorry to hear about your struggles with your mom. she sounds not too unlike my grandmother. maybe you should try what i do... stick to white wine!!!!!!!!! hang in there... my fingers are crossed for your daughter...
Liz said…
this is a beautiful piece. i really love it! it is so good that you can express your emotions through your work. i am envious.

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