On Being a Lush

It is a bit after one, and I am sipping on a glass of a Beaujolais Nouveau from France. I purchased it at the local liquor store last week, where I bought 4 bottles of wine for 20.00.

Listen, I love a good 20.00 bottle of wine, but on this budget, I go for the cheap stuff, which is actually NOT THAT BAD. I have found a nice Cabernet/Merlot blend for 5.00, and a Pinot Noir for the same price. The creme De la creme was the Nouveau for 3.50.

For that much money, I figured I can cook with it, which was my intention when I was making salads for dinner. Lois is coming over with a chicken, and I made potato salad and 5 bean salad, from my FAVORITE cookbook (at least one of the top five), the original Moosewood Cookbook.

I needed a tablespoon of wine, so I opened up the Beaujolais as we had finished everything else up (lots of company...ok!) I had to have a sip...and my, it was decent drinking wine! It is light, as you would expect a Nouveau, but has enough body to make it nice to sip on.

So I am off between downpours to go to the PO, bank, and to see if there is any of this left as I have a guest for dinner, and I can afford that. Oh, and did I mention I have a discount card at that store too!!! But I could not resist a glass to sip on as I pay bills, season the salads, and sit back and watch the rain.

Megan called and said Dole is leaving on the 15th of August, so it looks like plans have changed again, and they won't be coming here, but we will go down instead and spend a week with her after he leaves. Then I may fly down, and drive up with her mid November so that she can spend the holidays with us.

SO..now that I am no longer hostage to her pregnancy etc., I have made plans for four days on the Cape with Larry, a possible mini side trip for a few days with a friend in a cabin in the woods (where you wash in the lake) Of course, my mother's illness could change everything, but I am going to deal with things as they happen.

Images are two cards I made recently. They are in my Etsy shop, and I have priced the Hedgehog haircut card for 5.00=====special price. And, along with this card I will put in an extra goody. And as an aside, I made my first sale at my new Etsy store, which contains ONLY cards and artwork at http://pagibbons.etsy.com, or go to the link on the left!

Patti O Artist


¿How about vino de blanco de Valenica? At the supermercado it is .95 Euro... thats about %1.55... Somehow I can't seem to have enough... I love to hear about your summer. Besos

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