Clean the House and other tales

Wow, I just realized that I did not blog at all yesterday.

I suppose there was very little time, and I was in no state of mind to write. Perhaps writing would have been good for me to "defrag" from the days events, but I had already taken myself to the pool, where sadly the sun never came out and I never swam, and then to Macy's to buy a hot plate on sale for my encaustic paints. And there was the shoes. I never meant to buy the shoes, but how can a girl resist a pair of Kenneth Cole 80.00 shoes for a mere 17.00 and change?

Funny thing is, when I looked at the style name in order to get a photo for my blog, I noticed that it was "CLEAN THE HOUSE". Now does this mean these look like maid shoes? Or did it mean they are comfortable enough to wear while cleaning the house. OR WAS THE UNIVERSE TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING.

I finished off the evening by going downtown on the water for a glass of wine with Karin at the Steel House, then uptown to Ugly Gus's for margaritas and appetizers.

I came home to Larry already in bed at 11. I was too tired to write.

Larry has been sick for days now, but the doc says it is probably a virus. The German word for the "trots" is "durchfall" which means to fall through. How apropos.I even slept in the spare room as I could not stand another night of his getting up and down, except that the old hormones kicked in, and I was wide awake at 3:30 am thinking about the previous day's events.

My brother and I had a meeting with the nursing home staff to go over my mother's wishes. Basically the only intervention she wants is drugs and IV, and non-invasive testing. She wants as natural a death as possible. We discussed her burial wishes.

I don't know what I am going to be facing these next months. She could rally and get better, or she could just fade away. We have determined kidney stones, and gall stones, except for one problem. She no longer has a gallbladder. So what are the shadows they are seeing?

I think I will go clean the house. In a little black dress and some fishnet stockings, and the shoes, and will report back on how they feel.

Patti O Shoe Addict


annie kelleher said…
haha - sometimes the universe delivers the kick in style!!! :)

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