Another Blog Award!

Sorry for the constant switch of my look on Blogger. It is a free service, and I was bored with the layout, even though I changed from black to white.

I don't like most of the layouts, am having problems tweaking the html, so I am plodding around until I find one that I can settle into again for a while. Comments appreciated of course!

Yesterday I won my third blog award. I am honored that others appreciate my honesty in writing. If you were to describe me, it perhaps might include words like "zesty, funny, caring, zany, and honest". That can be good or bad, depending upon the situation. But it is honesty in the best of sense of the word. I am supposed to list five blogs that I admire, but I am going to have to do a bit more research before I can find another five that I enjoy reading. Actually, visit DLM to the World, I have just listed the link today, it is written by my co-worker who has taken a leave of absence after getting a divorce, and headed to Valencia, Spain, to live to a year. The blog is a great reflection of her adventures, misadventures, and her journey into a new life. Much in the vein of Eat, Pray, Love, which is a MUST READ. AND, in my prowling around, I just found a blogspot blog dedicated to news related to EAT PRAY LOVE, including photos of some of the main characters, what fun is that!!!!! So at the very least I have given you some fodder for reading! (off to write Dana and tell her I gave her an award!)

Sometimes I may offend some, but you don't have to buy everything I say. Like I have told my children when they have very heavy decisions to make: talk to lots of people, weed out what you think are the best tidbits of advice, and then go from there. And, when they ask me MY advice, all I ask them is to hear me out, and don't criticise advice when you ask for it. You can laugh and think mom is crazy, an ass, or whatever else might run through your mind, but when you ask me for advice, give me the courtesy to finish, and then do what you wish with it. (tricky navigation sometimes in situations like that) And parents, give the advice, and then let it go. They are individuals, not carbon copies of you. Be happy with the fact that they even cared enough to ask you in the first place!

Someone wrote me yesterday, and asked "so what did you do that was adventurous today?". I was a bit taken aback, because I thought, geez, do people really care what I do in my life? I sat with a cheesy smile on my face, so thanks for acknowledging my existence and adventures!

Well, truthfully, most of the day I worked. I am being offered 50.00 an hour for the use of my brain, and I am honored to be able to do that. The brain that is constantly churning is actually getting paid to do its work! Imagine that. I am working with some fellow staff in our alternative school to redesign it. It is exciting work, and I am highly motivated to make it a place that is truly alternative.

To reward myself for five hours of steady thinking, I went down to the local watering hole with my crew, did some staff bonding over a beer, and headed home to pick up a friend and take her for her first ride in a convertible, and for a swim.

Later some food from Kyoto. We have figured how to eat out at home spending less than 15.00. Two inexpensive sushi rolls, and a kani salad, and we are good to go.

I started watching The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Did not quite make it through the movie before I had to turn it off and sleep, but it is very well done. More on that later.

Off to do my Saturday routine!

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photo is a digitally altered photo of one of the views from Erika's NYC Wall Street Apt.


You really are a fabulous human being.

Best to everyone,
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