Back Farmin' in Kingston

inside the ferry

From the Ferry Dock
Bridge in Maine
Anne and Pamela in Belfast
Out trip back was more fun than the trip going there I have to admit. The ride along the northern coast of Nova Scotia was lovely, with a stop in Digby for lunch. We stayed in Belfast, Maine for one night, and spent a few hours shopping in very cool shops and boutiques. Our last stop was at a pub in downtown Portland for drinks and lunch before we did the final leg home.

I advise taking the ferry at least ONE way, as the drive on the main roads is mostly populated with pine trees, with some scattered water here and there, unless you have time to take the coastal route. Then the drive might be worth it. It is only a 5 hour trip to drive to Portland from here, and a 3-4 hour ride across on the ferry. So your trip is 8 hours, instead of 12-16, depending upon where you go in Nova Scotia. It is pricey, as one way it was 130.00---- and we were sharing the car fee three ways AND we went to Bar Harbor, not Portland, as the ferries did not run to Portland that day.

The hairiest part was going through customs. I lied on every thing that they asked on the form. Was I on a farm? Did I touch farm animals? Did I have any seeds? Now I know about the mad cow thing. I did not wear my shoes in the fields, and washed thoroughly after touching the goats. I just did not want to tell the truth in fear that they would hold us all up and strip me down and sterilize me or some shit like that. I had it already covered. And the lupine seeds? Well, they grow all over Maine, so I saw no harm in putting a few in my vitamin bottle. Funny how they did not ask me if I bought back any drugs. One of the first things I did was buy 222's over the counter. Aspirin/caffeine/codeine for my cramps. 5.00 for 100 of them. The docs here want you to SUFFER...and I believe in better living through chemistry, so I snuck in a bottle of those, fearful that they would take them away. But they never even ASKED!!! HOWEVER, I DID GET YELLED AT FOR TAKING A PHOTO AS I NEARED CUSTOMS. Sheesh...the Canadian guy said "they don't like you taking photos of the customs area". I put the camera away.

I am home now, catching up on all the things that I left behind, like unpaid show fees, bills, and now I am pulling the weeds that took up residence in my garden while I was gone. The studio is calling me, I have work to do, money to make, and stories to tell.

Till tomorrow....Patti O Traveler


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