Stars and Stripes Faux Paux

I received an email from a dear friend, resplendent with images of the flag, eagles, and pictures of soldiers.

It was wishing everyone a happy 4th of July, and she asked us to thank our soldiers for the job they have done, and for their sacrifices they have made.

I reacted a bit strongly, and wrote a response - rather a diatribe - about my disgust with Bush, our government, and how I was NOT proud to call myself an American, though I hope someday that I can be part of a culture which is not materialistic, selfish, and destructive. I cc'd this response to all the people who were on the forward.

This is not the first time I have done this, as I have received some pretty politically incorrect garbage in my mailbox, and I have been taken off many people's forward list, which is good if you saw some of the ultra conservative, bigoted garbage I have received. I mean, on one side of their mouth they tout being so "AMERICAN" while out the other they are degrading other races and religions? Is THAT the American way?

The problem is, both her son and my daughter served in this war. Both of them came home damaged. She only meant to do well, and to remind Americans about the sacrifice that the soldiers and veterans have made, but I have hurt her feelings I think...

I hope she understands that I too thank the soldiers for the sacrifices they made, many of them not knowing what they got themselves into when they signed up. (what comes to mind is the verse from Luke: "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.)Our young people are turned into killing machines, then bought home, and many cannot handle the re-entry and living with what they have done and they have seen. (see today's news on the soldier who had severe PTSD and overdosed---one of MANY who have, or will self destruct)

I am angry about the mess that GW has gotten our country into, all the people that he has killed. I say to all those Christians out there who support this war--who would Jesus kill?

I know I have offended some, but I hope that it has made a few people think. We get blinded by nationalism, misled with lies and distracted by stupid shit that should not even be ON the news during a war.

America has gone to the dogs, and all the good that we do is tarnished and overshadowed by the dreck. I am hoping and PRAYING that somehow people learn how to play nicely, clean up after themselves, and work together to make America a place where we can be proud leaders in problem solving, taking care of its people, and in caring for the earth.

Till then, take me off the forwards.

patti o soapbox

PS..AND my SON IN LAW is serving in Afghanistan. He is home using up all of his leave time to take care of my daughter who is in and out of the hospital with her miracle pregnancy. Once he goes back he won't be able to come back to see his family for at least a year. In the meantime, my daughter will be raising two children, one a gift from Iraq who is 3 (we won't even GO into THAT story) one who is not born yet, while she fights the following disabilities----severe hiatal hernia (blown from a Humvee) which along with her pregnancy has eroded her esophagus which means bleeding and could kill her..., leiomyosarcoma (deadly form of cancer), and needs a hip replacement..disintegrating cartiledge in hip and spine, possibly from carrying 65 lbs ruck sacks in the desert. Oh and did I mention PTSD? The army has her listed as 80% disabled. She is only 24. SEND BUSH'S GIRLS TO WAR.

Artwork is an old collage...all that I could find late at night that remotely illustrated what I was feeling...


Anonymous said…
Amen, Amen and Amen! America has sold out in so many ways and it is beyond tragic. Shame on the politicians and fat cats that let it happen.

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