I WAS RIGHT and a Change in Blog Name

First of all, I want to stand on the top of Overlook and yell down to my doctor (whom I love love love mind you) that I WAS RIGHT. Losing my water pills and not taking them HAS created a reaction in my body which has created tree stumps in place of my usual saplings, and made me feel like I could fill a pool with the water in my body.

How do I know this? I hijacked a pharmacist at my local 24 hours Walgreens.

It is early, and since I have been off my feet for 8 hours, all is back to normal. Plus, my friend who takes similar medication, gave me a few of her pills. I know, I am not supposed to do that, but geez, what is a girl to do? I have SOME ego...even after getting rid of most of it as per Mr. Tolle. And my clothes were not sized to fit the Pillsbury Dough Girl.

I have made a change in the title of my blog today, in a flash of inspiration from Sir Phil in Cottekill. I joked with him about my "slogging" around the Hudson Valley, and for the heck of it looked up the word "slog". Here ya go:
Inflected Form(s):slogged; slog·ging
Etymology: origin unknown
transitive verb 1 : to hit hard : beat 2 : to plod (one's way) perseveringly especially against difficulty
intransitive verb 1 : to plod heavily : tramp 2 : to work hard and steadily : plug
— slog·ger noun

HOW PERFECT IS THAT. A pre-Victorian word that fits me to a tee!

So todays sloggin' is scheduled as follows: a hilly walk downtown Kingston with friend Betsy Nosonwitz, daughter of the infamous retired dentist who did Larry's root canal,(Larry was so scared and the Doc worked miracles) and currently a garlic farmer, (at 84 mind you!), then off to visit my 83 year old friend in West Hurley, take her out to lunch in the convertible to the Reservoir Inn (a great fun eatery near the fab Ashokan Reservoir) and then to Saugerties to get my head shrunk.
We are going to rock the county!

After that? Who knows WHAT trouble will await me.

PS. Megan is in labor for a few days now, and the last time I talked to her late afternoon yesterday, she was heading to the hospital...

Patti O Slogger!!!

ps dark painting of the Ashokan!


Judy Vars said…
Hey Patti,
I was raised Mormon and every first Sunday folks bore their testimony little kids standing up repeating "I know this is the only true chruch" I felt bad because I could not believe wholeheartedly in those words, therefore remained silent. Wishing I were a Catholic.
Have a wonderful day.

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