City Hoppin'

Flying over Detroit
Coming through the clouds
Coming into Albany
Kingston-Albany-Cleveland-Memphis-Nashville-Fort Campbell-Detroit-back to Albany and finally home in Kingston.

I had a wonderful time with my daughter and her family, even though it was not in the best of circumstances. The tumor was sent to Nashville for was a rare one, but fortunately, no cancer. Just pain and the recovery period and the probability of no more children. But we rejoice in the good, and offer up the bad as it being another part of life, and enjoy the love that we all share.

64 degrees in Albany quickly climbed to 72 as I headed south on the thruway back home with the top down, enjoying the sun which was low on the horizon, but warm and giving the autumn trees a golden glow. Life is good.

Once I got home I called up a friend to go out for a ride and a drink. I had been on a military base for 5 days, most of the time in the house, and needed to kick up my heels a bit.

I have fabulous memories which I will treasure. The baby smiling at me and trying so hard to talk...with his toothless grin and cooing noises that tell me he is happy. Alanna crawling into see me where I slept on the sofa, sleeping on the floor to be near me. My daughter bemoaning the fact that 5 days melted away and she was sick and not able to go on adventures. A difficult times with a happy teenage friend being allowed to come back to visit me. Forgiveness and hope that her father will find peace someday in his life, and if not in this life, the next one.

Off to spend some time with my husband who has not seen me in forever. He made me dinner, and bought me flowers to welcome my return.

As I said, it is all good.

Patti O Bliss


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