Banana Koona Cardinals

It was a beautiful warm early fall morning in KY land. I call it KY land...not only because it is the state's initials, but seems that here in military land, people are constantly getting screwed, and if you aren't watching your back, you'd better have some good lube.

I was greatly missing my Sunday yoga class at Duck Pond, so I got inspired to do yoga out in the backyard. The yard is amidst a hemisphere of other yards in this neighborhood of nondescript duplex family housing, with the main road not far from us that enters the PX and Food Court.

Not a person was to be seen; only one lone dog pacing inside of its cage several houses away.

I wondered what the neighbors thought of some new woman out in the open field doing stretches, downward dogs, shoulder stands, and positions that had my ass in the air. Some moves must have made me look like I was fighting an invisible enemy.

I was.

Yep, I am one scary liberal I thought as I practiced my breathing in Warrior I.

After I came inside I looked down at the shorts I had borrowed from Megan. They were backwards! That wasn't so bad, except that they were boxer shorts, replete with the man-hole in the front...which was really in the back.

I called Megan in from the kitchen. "Megs, what color underwear do I have on?" as I bent over sticking my ass in her face. "RED" she blurts, cracking up when she realized why I asked. "Damn" I said.

So....I fully expect some video to be posted on YouTube showing me doing my yoga, bending over in extreme poses with a split in the back of my blue plaid short shorts, showing red through a backwards man opening. Could be worse?

People have asked me about baby pics, so I have included a few here. One is the bird Alanna spied at the top of a tree with her new binoculars from the bird kit I bought her. A Banana Koona Cardinal bird she informed me. The other are two blissful pictures of Randy in my arms. Yeah baby, you know why HE's in heaven. Oh, and a pic of Alanna I had to include. I love my grandbabies.

Patti O Hooter


Anonymous said…
OMG Randy looks like Megan!!!! Especially that first picture. As far as yoga, at least you had underwear on. KiSS
MB Shaw said…
Yeah, but at least you've got a good lookin' ass (I would imagine),
Why's Alanna got a sourpuss on?

Btw, I just got estranged from my Mom's side of the family, there's only one thing to do now: I'M GOING STREAKING DOWN THE MAIN STREET...WHO'S WITH ME???

love your family,

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