I think because I have been working two jobs since I got home from Kentucky I am fried, and as a result my patience for things that otherwise might pass me by is minimal.

This morning I awoke to WTF running through my brain, and having fantasies of hatchets and police cars, which was too early in the morning for me. I had just finished my meditation and my second cup of coffee had not kicked in.

Life is now very different in this once quiet sleepy part of our city that rates 5 on a scale of 1-10 for violent crimes. *a FYI aside*

I have new neighbors. They have four teenagers. And a giant black lab.

At 7:30 in the morning I know that someone has arrived next door to pick up one of the three teen girls to bring them to school. It is a young person I presume as the stereo is turned way up and the base is rattling my windows. Larry is miraculously sleeping through it, and I wonder if Megan and the kids will also sleep though a car stereo that is literally 15 feet away from her ears.

The dog loves to bark. At everything, at anyone, at any or all times. 4:30 am. 7:30 am. 3:30 pm. and so forth, sometimes for hours. Unfortunately he is stationed some 10-15 feet from my bedroom, dining room, computer room and guest room.

For the MOST part I am able to let it just be another sound in the noise of the world around me, but sometimes I just need it to STOP.

And I really hate his shit on my carpet when Larry steps in it in the yard.

I have thought about procuring some darts that they use to tranquilize animals in order to study them. I have thought about buying them a muzzle -or a bunch of bones for the dog to eat so he will be quiet.

In trying to be humanistic about the whole thing, I have to change WTF to WCWAGA(why can't we all get along) and sit down with my neighbor over a glass of wine or coffee--her choice, and talk to her like an adult, instead of getting aggravated and waging war.

After all, isn't this the way we should all deal with situations before they get out of hand? If I expect that from my president, I had better practice that myself.
(something you also need to know about me-I don't deal well with conflict)

Sometimes I wish for a house in the country, bounded by a mountain. Now there is some awesome living. Too bad I did not appreciate it when I had it.

Patti O Silence


Anonymous said…
Call the cops on them. In NJ, they could be fined for not keeping the dog either in control or inside at night. I believe there are quiet hours from 9am-9pm here.

You could also try to talk with them first in an attempt to be cordial.

good luck,
annie kelleher said…
i dont think i'd call the cops FIRST... i like your idea of a first approach much better. dogs who make a lot of noise are frequently dogs that have too much energy for how they are being kept - another idea is to make friends with the dog so he listens to you when you yell shut up through your walls. good luck! there's nothing worse than noisy neighbors!!
P.A. GIbbons said…
AND there is a PS to this.....I did already walk over to the house a month ago and talked to one of the teens in the house VERY nicely about it (I had just gotten back from the Retreat so I was all calm and full of love, haha) and then had the dog warden leave a flyer in the door when it still continuted, that posted the laws in our city. A talk with the mom will be my one last attempt to recitfy it in a nice manner before I have no other choice but to get the law involved.....sigh. Befriend the dog, now that is an idea....

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