Morning Meditation

I am going into my second plus week of meditating for 8 minutes a day. After my weekend at the Monastery, I realized the dire importance of mindfulness and meditation in our of our lives, no matter what religious persuasion you are.

I had bought the book 8 Minute Meditationa month or so before and had not done it. The retreat was the perfect jump start.

This weeks exercise are sound meditations. You listen to the sounds around as just sound. At home that is pretty mundane. The occasional rattle of the cats in the food bowl, a car that goes by on the street. The low hum of the refrigerator. NOTHING compared to this morning.

I am in Kentucky (3 planes to get here) helping with the grandchildren as Megan had some more surgery. I have to get up super early to beat the children waking up.

I settle in on the couch. No quiet mind this morning, and here are some snippets of the voice in my head.

"Jeez, can't the Army make air conditioners that sound less like my head is next to a jet engine? Speaking of jets, why did I have to take 3 planes to get from NY to Nashville? Very warm here...must be all the left over hot air from the debate. HA. The election. Oh, stop right here. Don't go there. The stock market. UGH. Ah, the A/C is off. Jeez, doesn't that refrigerator ever top running. A BIRD. That is what woke me up this morning. Damn birds sing loud in this state. In fact, I think one is following me around here. The birds. I have to have Alanna help me fill the bird feeder. Today we will do some bird watching. Back to the breathing Patti, back to the breathing".

In meditation, you recognize these thoughts, and let them flow through your mind. Not judging, not reacting, just sort of seeing them like a movie run through your mind.

Off to make coffee. I have taken my migraine meds as I had a bad headache all night, woke up w/one in the morning and I can't go through this all day.

Oh, and I joined facebook. I like it so much more than myspace. Think I will dump that. Find me under Patti Gibbons if you are interested. Thinking of starting a group or two.

Patti O Meditative


Hi Patti ~

Sorry to hear about your migraines. I am going to paste something here that someone in an epilepsy group shared with us regarding migraines ~

It turned out
to be a huge blessing and we were able to stop our son's migraines
within a few minutes. It did not prevent them from coming back, but
it stopped them and that beats trips to the er, IV's, and
suppositories. All one does is take strawberry oil and ice and hold
the ice pack on the back of the neck first for about one minute
while holding the strawberry oil under the nose so they can really
smell it deeply. Then, take a break for a minute and then start
putting the ice directly on pain and always have them smelling the
strawberry while doing ice. The pain will move around and
you "chase" is with the ice - stopping after a minute and resting a
minute and then resuming until the pain is gone. In our experience
it usually came back for one last hurrah and then after one more
treatment left. The strawberry scent does something to the
olefactory bulb in the brain and was used in hospitals in France
somewhere to help brain injured babies to suck. I think they
accidentally found out it stopped the seizures. We found out it
helps migraines and we use this on family and friends and it always

Have a wonderful day!
annie kelleher said…
ooh migraines... nasty, nasty. i can usually head one off by dunking my feet in hot water, and putting ice on my head. this is another old wives remedy that i have found effective. hope your headache goes away! :)

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