W: Part II

Thanks to one of my readers, I made it a point of taking a photo of the W banner today on my way home from work.

I believe this to be the office of a Bluestone business located on the Rondout Creek, which is close to the Hudson River in the late 1800's. The Catskills were full of bluestone, which was quarried and carried by water to build the sidewalks in the Hudson Valley and in NYC. Bluestone, by the way, is the same stone that Stonehenge is made with! My 1928 home features an 18" thick bluestone foundation, and bluestone walks and grace my property.

The bluestone office was eventually remodeling into a home which was once owned by my friend's grandparents, and in the late 70's I was invited in for some ice cream on a hot day. It was a very interesting place; smallish rooms with very high ceilings, and VERY elegant, at least to a wide-eyed 19 year old.

Someone else owns it now, and they are doing major renovation work on the building.
I suspect it was be glorious when it is done. Kudos to you for sporting what many of us think....

AND.....for an interesting bit of info about how the election is being handled in a Christian church...read the first comment left by one of my readers on yesterday's blog. WOW.

Patti who is trying to keep the faith


Anonymous said…
love this photo! thanks for taking it. gives me hope. now, if only we can trust our electoral system.... i won't rest easy until after this election is over (that is, assuming we have the desired outcome).

keeping the faith-
Anonymous said…
It was the counting house, bluestone was counted there from barges along the canal.

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