WTF has become one of my favorite phrases. It allows me to use the F word without really saying it, especially in places or around people where it isn't appropriate.

Knowing that, and knowing my political bent, Megan sent me this air freshener for my car. It hangs from the rear view mirror, not far from the Obama bumper sticker which sits on the ledge of my windshield.

People have asked me if I am concerned about someone vandalizing my car, and I say no, for I refuse to live in fear and be a wimp. No one gonna call this girl some wimpy ass liberal/democrat.

I am leaving this blue state for Kentucky again, to help Megan at Fort Campbell. I guess the CIA hasn't heard about me yet, as they still allow me on base. I land in Nashville, where last night Obama and McCain "debated".

Now I don't know about you all, but there wasn't enough of the word DEBATE in the debate. I would have liked to have heard more clarifications of some matters, as many of the issues needed more than one statement each, especially when some of the comments may have been distortions.

Two things bothered me in the debate. One when McCain refers to Obama as "that one" and I was confused when he said something to the effect of "there will be no cold war" and then continues to talk about the risk of it. Perhaps I heard it wrong.

I just wish I heard more facts and plans, and felt confident that they will be carried out with the same fervor that they are planned. As an educator I know all about talk and plans, and about how they often don't get carried out.

I am hoping that whomever gets in (and you know who I am voting for!) will be held accountable, unlike the investors who have royally F-ed you and I. (I heard that this bail out will cost every person in the USA 5,000. Now you know there are those who don't have the money, so some of us will be paying more I am sure).

As I was driving today, I was thinking about all the states and countries that I have visited. I decided that I had a better resume than Palin on that count. I have more college education than she does, and I did three degrees in two colleges, not one degree in five colleges (I wonder why she bounced around all colleges??)I graduated Magna Cum Laude, made Deans List most of those years, etc. etc. I have done a lot in my life too, have determination, an assertive and smart, but there is no way I would be ready to be a VP. Yes she has her political experience, but we need brilliance to run this complicated country, not a hockey mom aka a lipstick wearing pit bull (her words, not mine) I won't go on and on....I just don't think she is qualified. Period. And many esteemed writers and great thinkers seem to agree.

SO, will be reporting from Fort Campbell, where I will be playing a "stay at home mom" for a week, a role I am not used to playing. I was one of those mothers who had to return to work w/in 2 weeks of giving birth to each one of my kids so we wouldn't starve or have our lights turned off. No nannys for me Ms. Palin, and I did not have a man around either for most of the time either.

PS the Planned Parenthood donations in Palin's name from that grassroots email have reached over 1,000,000.00 thus far. If that isn't a statement, what is?

Patti O Debater


annie kelleher said…
you remind me of a time just a year or so ago when my youngest, libby, and i saw a car that had a bumper sticker that read I SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT. libby left a post it on the windshield that read... "then you must be as dumb as he is." :)
hope your visit goes swell and that you can get away with out the CIA hearing about you!!!! go obama!!!!!

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