It has been several weeks since my retreat. The bells, the monks, nuns and novices have left an indelible mark on me. Life has shifted, and I cannot go back to old ways.
It is work to learn the new way, but the reward is a peace that I savor.

I ponder on what I have taken back with me. I miss the toll of the bells that signaled us to stop and be present. I have no bells here, and I sometimes forget to take moments to stop, look, and listen. More than ever I appreciate the food I eat, and I am conscious of conserving and honoring the earth.

I have learned how to enjoy some of the chores which I normally abhor, because I do it meditationally, and with a smile. That has seemed to make things a lot more pleasant, instead of wishing them away, which in essence, is wishing my life away in bits and pieces. Of course there are times when I still grumble...there IS a learning curve on this!

I meditate each morning, and that seems to be just what I need before I launch myself into the day. I wish I could do yoga every day like I did at the retreat. I will carve out time for that too as I adjust to the shift in lifestyle, attitude and living.

In appreciation for all that I am blessed with, I want to thank the universe for the following:

*The beautiful Catskill Mountain roads lined with Obama signs.
*The fabulous weather.
*Donna, the Yoga for Bones class rocks!
* VW for making a car that is toasty on a 50 degree day, enabling you to put the top down and play catch the falling leaves while you drive.
*Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama.
*For my friends, readers,family, co-workers - each one of you brings a very special piece to my life.
*Oh and the new heated mattress pad, thanks JUDY VARS, my blog friend from Wasilla, Alaska for the idea! (link on left!)

Off to lay in the luxury of a warm bed.
Tonight's art is a new art card I designed. Ah..loaded with meaning!

Patti O Puzzle


Judy Vars said…
Your blog is so inspirational you are a blessing to me on this road less traveled keep being honest brave. You're friend in Alaska

p.s. The card is right on.

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