Pink Martini

It was a beautiful ride into work. The sun was rising in the sky, while the bluing sky was dotted with white cotton puff clouds racing along towards the horizon, hastened by a strong upper level wind.

I thought it too cool to put the top down, though I am sure that a day like this in mid-December I will be found donning a leather jacket, a leather baseball cap, and a thick scarf to wrap around my neck so that I can enjoy the open sky and fresh air from my car once again.

After a 12 hour school day yesterday, and a truly long day today, I came home and headed straight to the studio. No stopping at one of the local watering holes on a Friday afternoon with some of my co-workers. We were all fried, and headed home--some for a nap, and some of us to work.

I don't mind having to work after work. The space is cozy, is dedicated only to my art, and I put on music to work by. I get lost in the music, the art, the thinking, and sometimes stop to play air guitar, or dance and sing.

Today's pick was Pink Martini's Sympathique. As I listened to pieces of music I had heard in my distant past as a child (Never on a Sunday I drifted back to memories of boxes of 64 crayons tucked under the Christmas tree with new coloring books, Venus Paradise color by number sets, Play Dough, Erector Sets, Tinker Toys, and Block City.

Here I was in my studio, playing much the way I did when I was a child. My art becomes my escape and fantasy world, where people sport dog heads, and ghosts haunt old buildings. The outside worries and issues lay beyond the closed studio door.
Collage is like playing with Colorforms, a toy I loved as a kid. I still get the same satisfaction moving the pieces around, making them tell a story, like I did when I was a child who believed in magic and Santa Claus and tooth fairies.

Off to rest. I am looking forward to the weekend, to going to the farmer's market, cleaning the house mindfully, and yoga. Studio work will be also calling me, as well as an opening with a few of my pieces. New adventures await, but I must be ready for them.

Good night, Patti O Memories


annie kelleher said…
sounds like a truly delightful weekend! i hope you enjoy! ty for the nice comment on my post on fear :).... i wouldn't be AT ALL surprised if we were sisters in past life or parallel universe! let me know if you ever want to meet for lunch! :)

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