My Morning Fortune

No writing yesterday as I had nothing left to give, and I am writing now as the coffee kicks in, before I am going to be gone for a day of showing and selling.

My WTF anxiety/frustration state reached a crescendo yesterday when I was undermined by a co-worker. The Scorpio came out full force, and I let those know who needed to know how unprofessional it was.

It is a fine line between being vindictive and standing up for one's self. Most of my life I laid down and took whatever the abuse was. Now I stand up for what is fair and I am learning how to do it in a level headed manner without poison or being downright mean back. Ah the lessons we still need to learn.

Oh and an aside re: the dog blog, I did go speak to one of the kids a month ago about the dog, explaining the leash and barking law. I was very kind and nice, and the dog warden did drop off a pamphlet backing up my info...just sort of stuck it in the door. Obviously, those efforts have been ignored. So, as I am packing my car yesterday afternoon, the dog, a giant old fat lab with big white teeth comes charging at me, barking, growling, drooling flying, etc. (it is the kind of dog that if you did not know it, would be very scared of if you had kids he looks a bit..hmmm...rabid?!) I yelled at him several times to go home. Finally someone opened the door and took the dog in. I would rather just have the dog go home and shut up. How does one get a dog to listen to you, if their owners won't? I never had a dog, so I need some help folks! is my trunk show, yep folks, you are going to get to see the "junk in my trunk" downtown on the Strand at BECKON, a few doors down from Ship to Shore and Next Boutique. It is a drizzly day, a perfect day to sip on cider, donuts, or wine, and meet new people and chat with old friends.

I have paintings, collages, cards, and journals there, and have finally decided to put out some of my very funny collage/encaustic antique photos. From 5.00-375.00 you can find something to take home!

As I was heading to the computer to write this, I pulled a fortune out of my pocket. I keep the ones I like, and I find them at strange times and in odd places. This mornings tidbit was in my studio jacket's pocket: "Pat yourself on the back for creating an opportunity" and the phrase in Chinese was: "The sun comes out". I smiled, remembering to put out positive energy into the world, as that is indeed what we get back in return. I thought how funny it was that I was in a growly mood yesterday, and met up with a very growly dog, a mirror of my personae. It slapped me upside my head a few times, and I took a deep breath, focused on being calm, and went to set up the show with joy.

And in joy and silliness I am giving you a link to a video which is a hoot. Not to play around small children, or perhaps teens, or someone who might be offended, like great grandma..though she may have a better sense of humor than you think. Thanks Julie for the wake up song that made Larry and I chuckle first thing in the morning!
H e r e 's STROK'IN

Patti O Stroker


annie kelleher said…
you might want to take in a few episodes of the dog whisperer to get a handle on the right energy with which to confront a strange dog. that poor puppy sounds nearly stircrazy to me. hang in there and call the dog warden if you have to... there is indeed a fine line between sticking up for oneself and being mean's probably one of my more difficult lessons~!

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