The Last Debate

I am forgoing my blog to head upstairs, take out my contacts, and settle into my bed to watch the last debate.

I spent three miles while walking discussing the election and the political climate of this country with a friend. Often it came back to the war and to our children. My daughter is a disabled veteran from this war, her husband is in Afghanistan, and my friend's son is in the Army as a Ranger. We are appalled and disgusted with Bush, anyone who smells of him, including Ms. P. While we don't support the war, we support our troops as we understand that it is a complicated issue and it is our children, mostly the young kids of middle America who pay the toll, not the politicians who send them forth.

It was a Zen kind of conversation as we walked along the reservoir road with the Catskills splayed out against the horizon, and the trees near peak color. We tried to sort out the craziness of the world while appreciating the freedoms we do have. We need to heal as a country, do good in the world, and move on from the gluttony and ego that seems to have enveloped us.

To change for the good.

Patti O Debater


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