Who Picks Up After the Horses?

Yesterday's show was wonderful - it felt more like a party than a trunk show and many came, shopped, jiggled to Motown, and giggled while sipping wine (and cider). Thai dinner afterwards, and today the largest amount of energy I expended was going to a yoga class, where we did yoga for 1.5 hours with our eyes closed. A challenge for me as I don't know all my yoga positions, and I am a visual person, so I had to concentrate even harder to listen to the directions. But as always, so very good.

On such a beautiful day, I relished the rides I took in the countryside. As I was driving on the way to yoga, I saw that on the rail trail, a place where many bike/skate/walk, was a group of people getting to ride their horses. I was glad I was not out on the trail today. What DO you do when a group of horses comes up behind you while you are blading with Nirvana or Beethoven blasting out of your Ipod? And when they pass you, you try not to fall because you are totally surprised and freaked out by their hugeness and ability to grind your bones to a fine powder should they decide to stomp on you. And then PLOP. They leave a trail behind them that now has turned smooth sailing into an obstacle course that tests your ability to turn quickly.

As all this flashes through my mind in an instant I wonder, WHO PICKS UP AFTER THE HORSES???? You have to pick up after your dog, so you must certainly have to do that with your horse, no?

On the way back I checked for tell-tale lumps of brown simmering on the blacktop of the trail. None spotted, so I presumed that either their horses don't poop, or they have a crew on a golf cart that follows behind.

About 2 PM I grabbed Larry and said "let's head to the Fall Festival at Gill's Farms" where the renowned Levon Helm (from The Band) and his crew were playing for FREE FREE FREE near a pumpkin field at a farm stand along 209.

The show was great, the sun was warm; Larry and I walked around the fields, took photos, listened to the music, and saw some friends in the crowd. Rag Mama Rag rocked on in the background, fiddles abounded, and everyone was jolly. I saw people from all walks of life gathered in a field on a country road to hear a legend. No beer drinking, no whiff of someone smoking some herb. Just kids running through the corn maze, people picking pumpkins, young and old dancing in the fields, and everyone smiling. It was all so very good.

Photo of our shadows inspired by my friend of the blog Inevitable Regeneration,the other of Levon playing drums from way back in the crowd. The best I could get. And the pumpkins rockin' on in the field.

patti o fall


All I gotta say Patti is Dayam!!! I love your detail!!! Such a visual you paint - a lifelike and past that into almost cartoonish with the steaming thuds of "nutrients" on the ground!!!

Your day sounded like heaven...completely! Loved every detail!

And thanks for the shout out - your pictures are really awesome. I love the duo!
annie kelleher said…
sounds like a wonderful day@!!!the weather was perfect too!! your shadow photos are great! :)))

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