The Start of the Weekend

I know that I will have a very busy weekend. The task is to do what needs to be done at a sane pace, and not get caught up in the frantic whirlwind of the 10,000 things that need to be done in life.

Laundry. Post Office. Bank. Yoga. Visit to Mom. Visit with son- his birthday. Make art. Make more art. Tackle some of the leaves in the yard. Tackle the cat hair on the rug. And so on.

I started the evening off with the most fabulous massage by my dear friend, and after that I felt like I could tackle the bills, the dishes, the start of the laundry.

I spent a piece of time writing out postcards and sending emails for my show next weekend, and I have to make sure I have everything framed that I can possibly make, and have an assortment of cards for the show.

I think I care more about people coming to see what I do in the hours of solitude that I catch here and there in between career, being a wife, mother, grandmother, and taking care of myself. I want people to experience the joy and the excitement of my work. Purchase is never my focus, but I am honored when someone falls in love with a piece. Of course I like to make money, as I am concerned about my ability to keep the studio open all winter, but I am always grateful when my friends show up to celebrate my art and honor what I do.

Here is the card I designed, and the show is at BECKON, on 27 West Strand, Kingston, NY, down by the water. Next Saturday. I will post again before next weekend. It will be a party at the very least.

Till tomorrow

Patti O Marketeer


I completely resonate with what you said here - Purchase is never my focus, but I am honored when someone falls in love with a piece.

You must do really well at the shows...your cards are gorgeous! It never fails to amaze me, how there can be so many people and so many different creative interpretations. Just divine!

I wish you many many sales!!!

Keep your head healthy during all of your Have To's this weekend! I am also getting ready for the fairs...isn't it fun though?!
annie kelleher said…
have a wonderful weekend... nothing like starting it off with a massage! my days are so blurred these days i don't even think in terms of "weekends".... just days when i have Beloved and libby around to help... and days i don''s to a productive, relaxing and fun next two days!!! :)

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