As some of my readers know, I have an air freshener in my car that has a picture of "W" on it with the acronym WFT above him.

I have had a few people ask what the WTF means, and I gently explain it. I have had people give me the thumbs up when they see it.

On the way home, the old lovely building on the Rondout creek that used to be the office in the 1800's for the bluestone industry (if I have the local history correctly) has a HUGE banner on it that states: "W-WORST PRESIDENT".

I was so shocked, that I did not think to take out my camera until I was nearly a mile away.

Flash forward: my mid afternoon leaf peep partner was on his way to NYC, so I spent time in my studio. In my pile of antique papers I found this W and thought it a sign from the universe (haha haha) to post it for all to see, along with today's quote of the day.

I have not seen the movie yet, and I won't make a decision on it before I read some reviews. Oliver Stone. Hmmm. Any of you folks see it, drop me a comment or two.

Patti O No Mo W


Judy Vars said…
I was debating whether to blog about my step-sons experience in church last Sunday. He went with some neighbors to church. You know the need to get right with God and change your evil ways etc. He said when he went they were singing and waving flags. They claimed this one guy was a prophet and was getting his words directly from the big guy upstairs they kept running over to him to get his words. They preached politics and told the congeration who to vote for John Mc Cain and Sarah Palin. They even sold anti Obama tapes in the lobby making the case that he is the devil. Oh God save me from your christian sects, save me from these religious zeleaots trying to run this country straight to armageddon.
When did it become ok to preach politics in church? I mean it is seriously crazy the whole frickin world. W was the worst president who got us into a war to feed the industrial war complex, I suppose God told him to do it. Our Government tries to control us through fear. God I pray for your people all of them that we/they will learn our lessons and evolve for Christs sake.
Judy Vars said…

annie kelleher said…
wow that was like reading two blog posts for the price of one. i can see i shouldn't be quite as pithy in my comments as i can sometimes be!!!! go patti!! go judy!!!
Linda said…
Do get a shot of that Kingston banner!

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