Larry headed to the garden late this afternoon to see what was left to harvest before the frost, and he cut the cat nip and the basil before we went our separate ways for the evening.

I ate the last of the grape tomatoes the other day, and pulled off a few more hot red peppers. They will be enough to put in a few pots of chicken stock.

The chives will last well into late fall, and I may even get a second harvest of dill if we get some warm spells. The delphinium are sprouting again, and they too seem to survive through the winter. A true hardy species I have growing.

The Pink Oriental Poppies are still in bloom in front of the Buddha, though I don't know how they will last in a light frost. The marigolds might hold on, and the mums are near the house, so they should be OK.

The cat is on my lap while I type this, a true sign of the winter to come, as she seeks my comfort and warmth. I haven't told her this yet, but I like how she warms MY lap....

The downstairs has an odd odor as the basil smells slightly like cat pee. It is one of those herbs that in large amounts don't always smell as good as they taste. I will have to deal however, as I cannot make the pesto till tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will assess the damage to the garden, and remind myself that it is time to put in some bulbs again so that I have a burst of color in the spring.

Off to put on my heating pad to warm up the spot where my butt goes on the mattress, and have some good laughs at the absurdness of the political pandering that is going on. Too bad that it is at our expense.

Patti O Harvest


annie kelleher said…
we had a frost here last night... quite a bit is looking black and droopy but there's still a few brave spirits showing... i can't wait til spring!! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Patti... you should look into buying an electric mattress pad cover..warmth for the entire body...they are fabulous... so much nicer than the electric blanket... turn it on...and get into a nice warm bed...mmmmmmmm.....really cozy! xo, Janet
And just like Annie's blog, another warm room to sit down in and be cozy. =)
I love posts like this one. I wish for what you just described, in between all-night warehouse parties....

I miss upstate, I may live in NYC for one season and Upstate NY for another. Gotta see how work goes, but I may sublet my apartment after the new year.

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