Necessity is the Mother of Invention

My friend Bonnie D (hey BONNIE!!!) gave me a shopping bag of cool vintage trims, threads, and as I discovered, fabric.

There were a few piles of nearly perfectly cut discs cut from 40's vintage fabrics, probably cut in preparation for a quilt.

"What do to with them?" I pondered. I remembered the big tub of lavender that I had stashed away under my paints, and figured I could make some sachets out of them.

Problem is, when you have to close the openings once you put the lavender in, it is very hard to maintain that perfect circle which you have so carefully tried to maintain while sewing.

So I played around with some trim and buttons, and VOILA, a wonderful little hang able "purse" sachet.

The scan does not do these little gems justice. They have buttons on each side, some have trim on both sides. Many have sections which are hand stitched. Most of the materials used are very old, except for the lavender.

I asked my daughter what she would pay for them...and she replied, "on my budget, not more than 3.00!" "AUGH" I replied, thinking of the time it took me to make them, realizing that this is another design that would have to be shipped to China to be manufactured in order for me to make a profit.

Still, I will make another batch of them, put them in a basket at the show, put 7.00 on them, and see what happens. At the very least, I had fun designing them, and if they don't sell, then someone will get very sweet gifties to keep near their bed for relaxation, or in their undie draw.

As an aside....Alanna was very funny tonight. She has an amazing vocabulary at barely four, and has no problem telling people they are ridiculous, or preposterous, and usually uses the terms correctly.

Tonight, as I fed her fresh made turkey salad, turkey loaf (Hey Annie, wasn't that you who posted the Mexican Turkey loaf on yer blog---couldn't find it, so I made it from a different recipe) organic raisins, mushrooms and celery, she stops, looks at me, and says "Mimi---you are soooo helpless!". She meant to say helpful, but that made Megan almost spit out her wine and samples of the wares.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Patti O Designer


Judy Vars said…
You're recent blogs are so great and I love the art you've been cranking out the bags are cute. How dO I get tits of america?
annie kelleher said…
these sachets are adorable!!! you are amazingly clever!!! and yeah, i want tits of america too!! (i could almost see that on a tshirt) :))))) i will have to come to one of your shows sometime!!! (and no, it wasn't me that posted the mexican anything... i don't like mexican food!!! - but im glad you found a recipe you could riff off of!!!!!)))
MB Shaw said…
These are adorable!!!
Anonymous said…
Post the sachets on etsy, and see how they do!
Woodstock said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Woodstock said…
I will never forget Alanna scolding me for leaving the going away party early (wasn't really early though..)

Alanna: You shouldn't go! {stern look on her face and finger waiving at me}

Me: I...I'm sorry, your right but I...

Alanna: Wheeeee! {runs after ball}

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