Expect the Unexpected

Thanks for the lovely comments some of you posted about yesterday's blog. Once in a while I touch upon something which is universal to all of us at any age.

And, I wanted to add...Janet wrote "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED" which is an upbeat mantra which also involves the Law of Attraction.

Not in the "oh I want that necklace so badly that I will wish it on me" attraction in that hokey segment of The Secret, but in the sense that if you put out good, you will attract good. If you put out negativity, that is what you will get. If you focus on prosperity, that too will come, but perhaps in ways that you would not expect.


And I feel a bit two faced. (no pun intended) Here I am talking about how we have to accept the way we are no matter what form, and I used Photoshop on my photo with Jesus on the blog last night. Took out the puppet lines, and some of the lip wrinkles....just a few things as Larry got in our faces with the camera, and it was oh-so-much-nicer to remove a few of the imperfections. Too bad he has the card, cause I was going to post the REAL me tonight, not the altered one. (ok--it isn't that altered...) But its TOUGH being up against a 34 year old!!

I put the photo up in my classroom, and the kids all wanted to know if that was Larry. I giggled and said no, he was one of my first students, and he was a good friend. Of course you KNOW they asked if I "would go out with him" and of course I said "I am married" and of course they said "well what if you weren't" and of course I said "I am too old for him" and well....I did think about Demi Moore....but shook my head and said "he would always just be my friend" because that crossed too many boundaries to even think about. Thinking about J. that way in the classroom is like thinking about having sex with the priest who is saying mass. You just can't go there. Some things ARE off limits.

Off to write some of my holiday cards. I need to feel like I have accomplished something with all that is left to do.

patti o writer....


Yeah. But would you?

Just kidding. =)
annie kelleher said…
enquiring minds want to know ;)

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