A Visit to the Doctor

I almost didn't go.

I am pretty tough, and I did not think I had bronchitis or pneumonia. By now I know my lungs fairly well, and though I have a cough which could compete with the bark of the dog next door, I do not have the telltale rattle in my chest. I also know my lungs well enough to suspect that at some point in my life they will be the death of me - hopefully at 83, no earlier.

However, I have had no appetite, feel as lethargic as a slug, (in German the word is "stinkfaul", a term I LOVE) and feel like I have inferno pokers in my head. Rare for this type A Speedy Gonzales.

So..I went.

Surprise to me...I have a fever, and probably a sinus infection. No wonder I feel horrid all the time. So it is Z pack time. Thrills. Now I wonder what the fallout from that will be. Hives? Intestinal disorders? Yeast disorders? Stomach pain?

Tomorrow is the journey to Newark to bring Megan and the kids to the airport for their trip back home. I have mixed feelings about it, but I know I will be back to Kentucky in a few months, and they will be back east in the summer. Megan told Alanna she was leaving and going back home, and she got very distressed and said "but mommy, THIS is my home. I have a bedroom here!" Randy just drools and smiles his toothless grin.

I have five more days off, and during this time I am going to be very low key. I will work in the studio, read, watch movies, maybe shop a bit, sell some things on Etsy, visit some friends, and try to get some rest and regroup after two months of what feels like tornado city. Then back to the grind, only at a slower pace.

So off to bed to cough myself to sleep, and rub tiger balm all over my head.

This too shall pass.

Patti O Disease


annie kelleher said…
aw, patti, i am so glad to hear you went to the doctor and got some Good Drugs. personally, whenever i have an infection of any kind - in my chest, throat, whatever - i find hot packs and breathing steam - with eucalyptus oil even - can be very theraputic!! hope you take good care and get some rest!! feel better!!

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