Prometrium Blues?

Is it being sick? Is it stress? Is it the fact that I have been taking prometrium (some natural form of progesterone) for 10 days? Is is my hormones? Is it a combo thereof that makes me feel totally antisocial and detached from those around me?

I am missing a nice party put on by The Center where Larry works. Richie Havens daughter is catering Thai food. There will be plenty to drink there I am sure, and great conversation with a totally cool group of people, but I have sent Larry and Megan and the kids without me. It feels like the night I worked for all the other senior girls and missed my prom. I find myself wondering what they are all doing and feel left out....

I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with the fat yellow pill. The last few times I have been put on various forms of medication I either broke out in hives or hallucinated. I am very sensitive to medication and hormones, so methinks that something may be up with that, and the fact that I am rapidly losing my voice, have a pounding headache doesn't help! (did I mention LACK OF LIGHT BUT IT HAS GONE TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!)

I feel like I bring an Essence du Eeyore to the room.

I must tell my family. Larry thinks that I am mad with him, and I don't know what Megan thinks, but it really has nothing to do with them at the moment!

Off to try and clean a bit more and get through this.

And maybe they will bring me a plate of food or some sweets to cheer me up. Or maybe I will just have to sneak into the Chocolate Chip cookies that Megan made for Santa tomorrow night....hehehe.

Patti O Maudlin

ADDENDUM: Larry forgot something here so he came back and bought Liz back with him. We had a schluck of Glugg together, and she was so excited about coming to my house and getting to see all the stuff in it that she made me smile. THANKS LIZ! (and she doesn't care that I failed Martha Stewart School!!!)


annie kelleher said…
aw, poor patti... im so sorry you're not feeling well. i avoid artifical substances at all costs, including hormones, but then i seem to be fortunate in that this menopausal thing isnt bothering me much. or maybe its bothering everyone around me and im too far gone to notice!!!!!!!!!!!!! hang in there and i hope you feel better soon...i recommend some really good quality organic chocolate... ;)
Anonymous said…
Goddamn, at least you get invited to the fucking parties!! They didn't even send me an effing invite!! Blah blah blah, "here's "Ross" the best intern ever, we like to roll him out on ocassion to meet and greet the new interns"...."now roll him back into storage!"

poo poo, xoxo,

P.S. - when you get bored with Liz, I'll buy her off you at half-price ("brought" was spelled "bought" in your blog)

p.p.s. - thfffffffffpt!
Judy Vars said…
You're giving me a hot flash just thinking about; it or is it these warm shoes? You are very loved and I know everyone missed you. You will come out the other side......eventually
Have a wonderful tomorrow with your family
Liz said…
patti, you are awesome. thanks for having me over even though you felt sick!
and dont worry about ross- he might be taking hormones too (he he). happy hollidays darling! I hope we can get together again when you are feeling 100%.

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