I'm Just a Bush Whacker

I am not well, I am tired, I am cranky.

One thing I am NOT is creatively constipated.

Tonight I had a good time blaming it all on Bush.

I wonder how these will go in NY. I stand strong in my views and the way my art intertwines around my life. Funny but still holding the knife to your throat.

As the parent of a disabled Iraqi Vet, and mother-in-law of a soldier in Afghanistan, I feel I have the right to be open about my views.

So for tonight, scans of my moments of revenge and voodoo. They will be for sale in NY on Wednesday...at ta da....

Craft Fair
December 10th from 11am-2pm
355 Park Ave South, 4th Fl (between 25th and 26th st)NYC

Bring ID as you have to sign in...but if any of you are in that area of Manhattan, come say HI!

Pattio Bush Whacker


annie kelleher said…
wow!!! i wish i could come... but i will be thinking of you and hoping you make a SPLASH with your wonderful word-art!!! i hope you get a BIG bite of the big apple!! :)

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