Show Report Part 1

All shows went fabulously well.

I have done the Unison show for 15 years, and have gotten to know the people that belong to the arts organization, as well as the many local people who come and shop at the show. It is like going to an all weekend party. The 7 hours FLEW by yesterday!

It is a show where you won't find the typical wood crafts, dried flowers and crochet toilet paper covers. You will find hand made bowls, pens, beautiful wreaths and holiday arrangements, and crocheted one of a kind hats from a little old lady who never makes the same hat twice...because she never follows a pattern! There is homemade body products, hand spun wools, local jams from my favorite-- Kathy of Grey Mouse Farms- a single woman run business. There are Kitty Babendreier's shadow boxes filled with found objects d'art which can be purchased online at Earth Angel Toys. Beaded jewelry by two sisters who will knock your socks off with their work and fabulous prices. Stehpanie Stillwell's fabulous primitive folk art dolls and altered art. Steve Fabrico's pottery.

Besides my regular card and ornament buyers, I actually sold art, which blew my mind! A 5 x 7" piece which I did not scan, titled "Millennium Dalai", all my "W" political satire cards, as well as some of my altered photographs. Many people chuckled at my art, some walked away, either not getting it, or perhaps a bit offended, but for the most part the responses were great!

At the Donskoj opening, which was PACKED for hours wall to wall, I watched people look at my art and crack up. Just the fact that it got many lookers and chuckles made me smirk. There were a few red dots around the gallery, not on mine, but I will be thrilled to give them a prominent place in my house...if I can find some wall space! in my booth, and one of me and friend Dick Crenson, one of the artists in the show. Larry and I have known him for years, and his wife Margaret also had a piece in the Donskoj show titled: "The Waning of George Bush" which sold! Sadly Dick told us that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and was home. Margaret is a fabulous painter and well known in the Hudson Valley. Light a candle, say a prayer, or a meditation for her.

Off to the showers. It has snowed a bit here and I have to leave myself plenty of time to get there! Sundays are always about 1/2 the sales of Saturday as it is always less crowded, but if I do that, all will be fine, and the heat will stay on all winter in the little studio behind the Red House.


Congratulations on your sales Patti!! May today match more homes with wanted pieces.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend with cancer. I will put him in my prayers.

I had a show yesterday but it was the slowest I've ever encountered since I've been doing the fairs. Then again, I'm really not typical church material. I'd do better in front of a Hot Topic stand probably! Many wishes for today!
annie kelleher said…
so sorry to hear about your friend but congrats on your wonderful show!!!! hope today goes just as well - or even better!!!

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