And to All a Goodnight

Photo of Megan decorating the tree, just before Alanna did a big raspberry in her face. She almost went to bed for that one.

I am again sick, and heading to bed. I was just sick 3 weeks ago, and now I have a cold or chest cold descending upon I am coughing to the point of choking. I need to rest lest my Christmas be spent in bed too. Thankfully I have two boxes of Zicam which will be coming with me wherever I go. Of course, I blame in on myself --- letting stress get the best of me, and inevitably when that happens I become a host for the illnesses of the world.

The EOS windows froze to the car this morning, and I was outside trying to free them with De-Icer so that I could open the car door and get to work. Though the roads were horrid, school was on time. TOO BAD --- I WASN'T. I am going to have to buy a car cover, or clean out the garage so that I can garage the car in bad weather.

Hope you are all warm and happy.

Patti O Dreamer


A Poem:

Feel better Miz P.

That tree looks wonderful from what I can see!

In order to feel oh so heart-y

the photo of Jesus will need another Looksee....
Anonymous said…
Why didn't Megs just Raspberry her back?

feel better,
annie kelleher said…
what a great photo!! hope you feel better miz patty o sick :) beloved has had a bad cold the last couple days... im eating a lot of garlic and keeping my distance!

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